The First Block Podcast

TFB#3: Chris Bates on developing blockchain-based land registry systems in Africa

February 6, 2019

Chris Bates is the Chief Security Officer at Bitland Global, a Ghana-based firm that is focused on unlocking the potential of land capital through the democratization of real estate ownership using leading-edge technology. Time magazine voted the company in its list of 50 'Most Genius Companies’ of 2018. After establishing a presence in Ghana, Bitland has also started to develop land registry projects in different states of India and with other African nations.

1.0: Intro to Bitland | 3.24: Why is Land title registry such a problematic issue in emerging economies? | 6.00: Bitland’s key beneficiaries | 11.23: Does bitcoin provide banking to the unbanked? | 13:38: Bitcoin as censorship resistant money | 20.01: Why is blockchain the right solution to tackle the issues regarding land registry? | 29.08: Bitland’s collaboration with the Government of Ghana | 35.56: Bitland’s goal of giving individuals access to financial services | 41.40: How Bitland tackles security | 49.19: Cadastral coin | 52.09: Community building activities conducted by Bitland | 54.37: Major challenges | 59.40: What vision does Bitland have for India?