The First Block Podcast

TFB#2: Rahul Raj on starting India’s largest digital assets exchange

February 6, 2019

Rahul Raj is the CEO and co-founder of Mumbai-based cryptocurrency exchange Koinex. After short stints at Inshorts and Bizongo, he along with his co-founders Aditya Naik (CBO) and Rakesh Yadav (CTO) laid the foundations to build India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in May 2017. Having secured venture capital from industry giants like BEENEXT and Pantera Capital, they were the first multi-token open-orderbook exchange to launch in the country. With daily trading volumes peaking at INR 1722 crores in December 2017, Koinex is the first and only Indian exchange to feature in the list of the top 10 global crypto-fiat exchanges.

1.03: Intro to Rahul Raj | 6.08: Koinex’s origin story | 9.57: What was Koinex’s launch strategy and how did they strategise market acquisition? | 14.10: How are crypto projects listed on Koinex and what is the process behind it? | 15.05: What are the initial challenges that were faced by Koinex? | 17.25: How did Koinex attract liquidity and volume so quickly? | 22.54: War stories from December 2017? | 30.20: Key milestones from Year 1? | 34.48: How did Koinex respond to the RBI’s directive in April 2018? | 39.40: How did Koinex establish its footprint in the P2P space in India? | 43.27: What are Koinex’s goals in the months and years to come?