The First Block Podcast

TFB#15: Lou Kerner on going down the crypto rabbit hole

May 16, 2019

Lou Kerner is the co-founder and partner at Crypto Oracle. Lou has been a crypto enthusiast and investor since 2013 and is recognized as one of the most influential crypto voices and writers out there. Lou was previously a Partner at the decentralized VC, Flight, where he managed The Israel Founders Syndicate that invested in tech companies founded by Israelis. He was also the Managing Partner of the Social Internet Fund and has also spent some time at Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch, taking an interest in emerging technologies as an analyst and investor.

01:19 Background on Crypto Oracle | 03:54 Lou’s crypto journey - ideas, meetups and more | 07:25 Going down the crypto rabbit hole | 09:57 What makes crypto different from other emerging tech? | 12:03 Launching a decentralized VC fund | 14:08 Crypto vs ‘Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft & Google’ [FAMGA] | 17:57 FAMGA blockchain developments | 20:53 Decentralization - in principle vs practice | 22:39 BTC’s endgame | 26:22 Keeping the crypto community enthused | 28:39 Security tokens and opportunities they represent | 31:00 Institutional developments | 33:14 Incentives providing momentum for the crypto tech & community in 2019 | 34:49 Helping people appreciate cryptos as the biggest development in human history | 36:48 Conclusion