The First Block Podcast

TFB#14: Darshan Bathija on building a customer-first bank leveraging blockchain technology

May 9, 2019

Darshan Bathija is the founder and CEO of Bank of Hodlers, which is one of the most exciting crypto projects being developed in India. They are building a Customer-First Bank leveraging blockchain technology which includes the provision of services like insurance against crypto thefts from exchanges, crypto credit cards and also crypto backed loans. They have just had their official launch in the last week of April and are hoping to be a key cog in the decentralised finance (DeFi) sphere in the months to come.

01:10 Darshan’s background and entry point into crypto | 06:12 How traditional banking is failing customers and the reasons for the existence of Bank of Hodlers |10:33 Why does a crypto solution fit the modern demands of banking | 12:50 Which part of the BoH business model needs to be decentralized | 15:58 Why was Maker the preferred partner for what they are doing | 19:05 Potential of BoH and DeFi to make a real-world impact | 22:03 BoH roadmap including asset-backed loans & crypto cards and insurance against thefts on crypto exchanges | 25:07 How BoH is the ‘missing piece of Satoshi’s vision’ | 28:36 Darshan’s experience of building a blockchain project in a crypto-hostile environment such as India | 30:44 What we can expect from them?