The First Block Podcast

TFB#10: Arianna Simpson on crypto trends and Decentralized Finance

April 11, 2019

Arianna Simpson is the founder and managing director of Autonomous Partners, a digital-asset investment fund backed by Cohen Private Ventures and Union Square Ventures. Their portfolio spans a range of protocols, tokens and projects focused on crypto assets and blockchain tech. She has spent her career in and around the tech world, including stints at Facebook and BitGo, the latter as one of its first employees. She is one of the most influential and forward-thinking voices in the digital assets industry and remains an essential ‘follow’ on Crypto Twitter.

1:13 Arianna’s introduction to Bitcoin | 2:03 Hyperinflation suffering economies like Zimbabwe adopting Bitcoin | 3:24 Crypto utility in developed and developing economies | 4:30 Arianna’s takeaways from crypto market volatility over the years | 6:10 Reasons for optimism despite numerous scams and PR disasters like QuadrigaCX | 8:04 Is DeFi just a clunkier Wall Street v2.0? | 9:55 What is Arianna’s investment thesis on crypto? | 13:13 How DeFi will cope with SEC regulation | 15:31 Central Bank Digital Currencies | 17:02 Can Bitcoin become a global monetary asset in years to come? | 17:52 Portfolio companies that Arianna is most excited about | 19:28 Fat protocol thesis  | 21:29 The Lightning Network and takeaways from the Lightning Torch experiment | 25:31 JP Morgan Coin | 27:11 Morgan Creek Capital wooing pension funds to invest in crypto | 29:41 The impact of Twitter on the crypto space | 31:05 Advice to investors newly stepping into crypto | 32:24 Predictions for 2019 | 34:13 Perspective on catastrophic failures in the space | 35:00 Top three book recommendations