The First Block Podcast

TFB#1: Aaryaman Vir on navigating the crypto world as an investor and entrepreneur

February 6, 2019

Aaryaman Vir has been involved in the blockchain space in for a number of years, both as an investor and an entrepreneur. He is one of the co-founders of Elemential Labs which is a recently funded Mumbai-based startup who are building tools to foster smoother enterprise adoption of blockchain technology. He is also an investor in cryptocurrency exchange Unocoin and is the co-founder of Prophetic Ventures which is venture fund focused on a suite of five emerging technologies (India Stack, Blockchain, VR/AR, Drones and AI).

0.01 - Intro to podcast host | 3.15 - Intro to The First Block | 4.27 - Aaryaman’s background and introduction. | 6.36 - What is Elemential Labs? | 7.38 - What other ventures has Aaryaman invested in or founded? | 10.29 - The challenges Elemential faced in India? | 13.35 - Elemential’s original sales pitch | 16.49 - Aaryaman’s views on the current state of blockchain adoption | 20.52 -  Key takeaways from crypto in 2017 | 32.37 - What are NFTs? |35.00 - How we should view Blockchain and crypto FUD? | 42.15 - Predictions for crypto in India