The First Block Podcast

TFB #12: Shikha Mehra on how governments will adapt to a world of crypto assets

April 26, 2019

Shikha Mehra is the co-founder of MainChain, a firm that specializes in research, training and consulting with public and private enterprises on blockchain technology. She sits on the advisory panel to the Internet Mobile Association of India’s subcommittee on cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech. She is also actively involved in the international crypto ecosystem as a writer and speaker, regularly engaging with businesses, users and regulators on the evolution of crypto assets and DLT.

Shikha is a member of a global multi-stakeholder committee – a joint collaboration between Vienna University, Austria and NET (new economy taxation) which explores how businesses and tax administrations around the world are reacting to and managing the disruptive effect of new and emerging business models and Blockchain technology in Asia.

1:20 Shikha’s introduction to the cryptoverse | 3:44 The long term potential of blockchain technology. | 6:09 Balance between disintermediation and regulation | 8:32 Do enterprise blockchains have any real potential? | 13:22 Viable use cases for blockchain | 23:06 Using blockchain to improve the Aadhar system | 29:41 General reaction of businesses and tax administrators to blockchain tech | 37:47 Central Bank Digital Currencies | 43:15 Co-existence of fiat currencies and CBDCs | 47:36 The use of cryptocurrencies to evade sanctions